Nokia 5 Battery

Specially designed for your Nokia mobile phone. This battery is an excellent alternative, offering a lifetime that matches the performance of the original battery. Rest assured, this battery is engineered with top-notch safety features, guaranteeing it will never explode or cause any issues. Crafted with precision to seamlessly fit your handset, this battery serves as an ideal replacement or a secondary option. It boasts exceptional talk and standby times, ensuring you will not be left stranded without power when you need it most. With its long-lasting and reliable performance, this battery truly delivers the level of quality you deserve. (ALIBUY.LK)

රු 4,000 

Nokia 5 Battery.

  • Standard Voltage: 3.85VCell Chemistry: Moxom battery
  • 2900mAh
  • Limited Charge voltage 4.4V
  • Very easy to carry, install and remove
  • Original Products

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